Danish whisky distillery takes best in world award

Stauning Whisky Curious has just been rewarded as the Best New make in the world at The World Whiskies Awards 2019 in London.

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What started in 2005 as a hobby project amongst nine friends has now reached its pinnacle. At the World Whiskies Awards 2019 in London, which is hosted by world renowned Whisky Magazine, Stauning won the category Worlds Best New Make with their Stauning Curious.

“It is crazy and almost unbelievable. It is an enormous recognition of our work, and we are extremely proud and happy”, says Hans Martin Hansgaard, co-founder of Stauning Whisky.

“New Make is the raw spirits. Pure alcohol before the cask contributes with it’s flavour and changes raw spirits to whisky. It is the fingerprint from our distillery, our most revealing product, and therefore an award that is a true recognition of the quality of our craftsmanship. To win an award like this, tells us that the lengths we go with our whisky and difficult production methods pays off and contributes to the flavour and quality of the spirit. Curious is not a whisky. It resembles a mezcal, but with a clear Nordic character. It is wonderful as it is, but will taste amazing in cocktails or chilled as a snaps and enjoyed with Danish smørrebrød”. – Hans Martin Hansgaard.

Stauning Whisky started in the spring of 2005, when nine friends for West Jutland decided to start a hobby production of whisky – the first in Denmark in recent times. The nine friends, a doctor, a teacher, four engineers, a butcher, a pilot and a chef used their spare time to rebuild an old abattoir in the hamlet, called Stauning, to a tiny whisky distillery. On a summer night about 9 months later, the first drops of peat smoked single malt new make dripped from the copper pot stills. Later in 2006 the guys met with whisky writer Jim Murray, who tasted the spirit and was delighted with the taste – “this could be big and amongst the best peated whiskies in the world”.

For Stauning Whisky winning the World’s Best New Make is a huge step towards those ambitions – to be the best in the world.

“Our ambition was always to reinvent whisky by being innovative and by using old and proven production methods. Methods many modern distilleries have abandoned I favour of new more cost effective methods. That’s why we insist on floor malting everything and distilling on small pot stills using direct-fire. We also only use local raw materials – rye, barley, heather and peat – because we strongly believe that whisky should taste like the region where it is made”, says Hans Martin Hansgaard and continues:

“We have always believed that whisky, although young, can be of great quality and pack huge flavour. This award is a proof of that.”

For further information, please contact:
Co-founder Hans Martin Hansgaard – hans@stauningwhisky.dk – tel. +45 20120593

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