The New stauning whisky distillery

Stauning new whisky distillery




Stauning Whisky is located right beside the old distillery, still on the west coast of Denmark. A region of Denmark dominated by farmland, wide open spaces and the wind from the North Sea.


When you visit the surrounding area, you will feel how local history traces into the heart of the distillery. The fisherman’s huts that became the inspiration for the architecture of the new distillery.


That is what Stauning Whisky is about; Uncompromised, traditionally handcrafted Danish whisky of the highest quality.

Our Principles of Making Whisky

Local, innovative, yet true to tradition…

Every single process in making Stauning Whisky – from the local barley and rye, the floor malting, smoking in the kiln, the fermentation, the distilling, maturation and even bottling – everything is done at the Distillery.

Stauning floor malting whisky

Floor Malting

Every single grain is maltet on-site

stauning whisky smoked peat

Peat & Heather

Terroir smoke

fermentation of whisky at stauning distillery



Unclear wort full of taste

Stauning pot stills whisky

24 Pot Stills

Smaller pot stills ensures better quality

Stauning whisky spirit safe for samples test


Spirit Safe

Cool Nordic design

Stauning whisky distillery warehouse

Cask Maturation

Casks of the highest quality + Time

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